Circle Crane 2 by Beate Gegenwart

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Original metal wall piece in nickel silver with pigment and felt detail. Attached to wall with small magnets and screws (supplied with the artwork). 

Materials: nickel silver, patinated, felt 

Dimensions in INCHES 11.4 x 32.5 x 0.027 

Year Made 2021

‘Landscape Outside Vienna’ – Crane Series

‘Where the crane completes
its circle amid the rushes of the marsh’s flat water,
on a reed the hour strikes more resonantly than waves.’
(Ingeborg Bachmann)

‘Crane’ is a series of six panels inspired by Ingeborg Bachmann’s poem “Landscape outside Vienna” and my daily walks along a river flowing into the beautiful Three Cliffs Bay on the Gower Peninsular. 

Photographer: Dewi Tannatt Lloyd